How long will my Gainzlocker meal(s) last for?

Every meal comes with a "Best Before" date on the container. However, we recommend eating your meals within 4-5 days of pickup because fresh is always best. 

How do the meals stay fresh?

Our meals are cooked fresh twice weekly and packaged in reusable airtight containers. When meals leave the kitchen they are transported in coolers and either delivered to your home/office or taken to our refrigerated Retail lockers.

Can I freeze my Gainzlocker meals?

Of course! Our meals keep great in the freezer. 

Does Gainzlocker have any vegetarian meals?

You bet! We have meals for all dietary needs however our vegetarian market is much smaller than our regular meals. Once in awhile we put them on the menu. If vegetarian is your jam, keep your eyes peeled for meals marked as "VEG".

Does Gainzlocker cater for specific dietary requirements?

Absolutely. We do our best to offer a diverse menu for all dietary requirements at all times. However, if your dietary needs aren't addressed on our menu, please get in touch! We'd be happy to entertain special requests.

Where are my Gainzlocker meals prepared?

All Gainzlocker meals distributed within Saskatchewan are prepared in a commercial kitchen space in Saskatoon. Our chefs are Red Seal Certified and our kitchen is regularly inspected and commercially insured.