Reoccuring Weekly Subscription

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Weekly Reoccurring Subscription.png

Reoccuring Weekly Subscription

from 50.00 every week


Reoccurring weekly meal plan.

You choose the amount of meals you want weekly and we automatically bill you every week. No lump sum payments.

Once you have subscribed and completed checkout, an email will be sent to you with your meal selection instructions.

All meal selections are done through email after checkout!

meals per week:

But don’t worry, there are no contracts. You can manage your billing information, update or change credit cards at anytime and easily discontinue your subscription at anytime . The best part is this can all be done independently through your Gainzlocker profile. Healthy eating has never been so easy, or affordable.

Not only do you not have to worry about meal prep or grocery shopping but you no longer have to worry about making weekly payments or re-subscribing. This is the perfect, hassle free option for the busy person looking to stay on track, do more, and save money.

  • affordable weekly payments

  • Hassle free opt-in opt-out

  • Optional customization allows you to easily customize and make changes to your selection week to week.

  • No more throwing out groceries.

  • always have access to quick, healthy meals

  • No more desperate last resort skip the dishes orders.