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Two MASSIVE slices of ridiculously delicious quesadilla.  Its basically the version you would make at home if you were super hungry, had all the right ingredients, and wanted to stay on track nutritionally. 

Protip: Our chipotle dip is made with Yoganaise, a mayo made with Greek yogurt. Dip away!

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  • Lean Ground Beef (taco seasoned)

  • cooked - Rice, brown, cooked (with salt, no fat added)

  • 1 tortilla (8" across) - Tortilla, flour (wheat)

  • Tomato, chopped or sliced

  • Onion, green, grilled

  • Green peppers, grilled

  • Red peppers, grilled

  • Yogannaise, Mayo made with yogurt & chipotle sauce

  • Cheese, Cheddar