PrePaid Gainz

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PrePaid Gainz

from 62.50

Prepay for meals now, Redeem as you need!

No subscription, No Contract.

Just send us a quick email with your meal selection anytime you need. Your balance will remain in tact as long as it takes to use up.

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This is a cheat code for those who are constantly adjusting to whatever crazyness life throws at them.

  • Travel lots for work

  • Unpredictable Schedule

  • Shift work (week on /week off)

  • Busy Family, for those weeks theres just no time

Simply just select the amount of meals you would like to Purchase in advance and click Check out. Once your order has been processed we’ll send you confirmation and your meal selection instructions.

Not only do you not have to worry about meal prep or grocery shopping but you no longer have to worry about getting your payment in or missing cutoff times. This is the perfect, hassle free option for the busy person/family looking to stay on track, do more, and save money.

  • Purchase your weekly Mealprep upfront, use them whenever you want.

  • Your weeks don’t expire. That means there is no rush to use them (some weeks are busier than others)

  • You can easily customize your selection just by checking our available menu and sending us your selection.

  • Flat rate of $12.50/meal