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Build it and the gainz will come!

Now you can choose your ingredients and create your own meals at home, on the go, or anywhere your busy life takes you.

Have a custom meal plan you are adhering to?

Can’t find gainz meals that fit your diet?

Enjoy creating your own meals but don’t have time to grocery shop or prep?

Now you can order your favorite quality ingredients, Pre-seasoned, pre-cooked (to perfection), delivered directly to your home where you are free to create your own custom meals, the way you like them, without all the hassle that goes into shopping, cooking or cleaning.

Custom meal prep has never been so easy, or delicious.
Simply just build your kit by selecting your ingredients in the Build-a-prep form below and you’re on your way!

Veggie option includes approx. 1000g or 5 x 200g servings

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